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Rochester New York day hot like hell

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Hell Square is tiny — three blocks by three blocks. But it sports more than 70 businesses selling alcohol; around 50 have a full liquor license.

Other common sights, according to long-time resident Jeremiah Moss: He sleeps with the windows closed, air-conditioner running, white noise machine on and earplugs in. And then this is punctuated by screaming girls. It feels like a football thing? Sincethe number of liquor licenses in the ZIP code containing Hell Square has more than quadrupled.

It states that anyone requesting a liquor license for a location that already has three or more within feet must show that its in the public interest. But the incentives for New York to encourage nightlife heell clear. Palitz understands the tensions between neighbors and bar owners — she Rochester New York day hot like hell lives above a bar, on the edge of Hell Square.

Whatever the name, the neighborhood was unusually Rochester New York day hot like hell on a recent Saturday. Bouncer King Asubonten says things always slow at the end of the month. Asubonten lives in the Bronx, and says the neighborhood drama on the Lower East Side lacks some perspective.

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