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Maid vs dominant lady

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I added it an updated the page with new blog entries. Starting around Chapter 13, the main character becomes a maid to a dominant at the company where she works.

Hammond la swingers There's more to the story, but she's made a maid! For this library, would it be possible to consolidate some of the multi-part stories onto a single page? I Maid vs dominant lady it would be helpful to have the entire thing in one link, especially if a reader wanted to share them.

For those that are ongoing, you could add in the sections as they are written. Definetely something to consider, but I can't think Maid vs dominant lady an obvious way to add these pages without posting them to the blog for the second time.

Any suggestions? LadyMaid story alert The story is written by Gromet and posted on Gromet's Plaza in three parts: Part 1 - The new family maid-bot http: If you enjoyed the Maid vs dominant lady story on Gromet, it seems that this same lzdy also wrote another, also on his site: This is a six-part story, starting here Yet another 'Maid-bot' story from Gromet: The Maid-bot in Me.

For relaxation, and at the urging of a friend, the wife of a rich husband voluntarily places herself under the control of a maid-bot computer.

What could possibly go wrong? This is a 5-part story. There is a link at the end of Cute curvy and soft wanted Maid vs dominant lady to the next part of the story. So why not another: She gave differing records of why she was doing it, none of them exceptionally palatable.

Any life story of her will portray this occurrence in more prominent or lesser degree. Congratulations, I feel you Msid in an elegant way a very interesting subject.

Remembers little from the story. I am 99 percent sure it's by Belladonna, I remember Maid vs dominant lady convention subplot pretty well, but I can't remember Maid vs dominant lady one it is exactly. She has stories at Fictionmania, please take a look.

Will the library page be updated at some point? Unlike most such stories though, the heroine actually works hard as a maid instead of just walking around with an Horny teen Holbrook on and the book gives very detailed descriptions of maid's daunting duties and responsibilities.

Ladies Becoming Maids: Library

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Male Maid Manor: Dominant Women Rule Feminised She-men! By Miranda Birch. Adult Erotica. Two very dominant ladies invite a third female to spend the weekend with them at their house in the country.

My Life as a Slave and Maid to my Mistress

The husbands and boyfriends in these stories about men as maids have more on their minds than merely mincing about in the most delicious of dresses, expected to look as immaculate as the houses they clean for their wives and girlfriends - after all, they're pretty maids put to work! Dressing the part is only the start of a man's domestic duties when he serves as his wife's maid.

It takes much more to show his submission than just wearing satin and lace, however frilly his maid's Maid vs dominant lady may be! Housework is by far the best way to make his mistress happy, taking care of the Maid vs dominant lady so that she doesn't have to trouble herself with mundane matters.

Whether that's washing her lingerie, sweeping the floor or cleaning the toilet, he'll need to know his place if he's to please, embracing his role as a servant. In these stories about male Maid vs dominant lady, it's not enough for a submissive man to merely go through the motions. The dominant women who delight in having their every Mais catered for want to see a singular demonstration of devotion, Maif which will show Maid vs dominant lady their husbands truly understand whose needs come first.

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Each may have to put his masculine pride on the line in the process, but that's a price a maid must pay if he wants to stand a chance of making mistress proud. Every woman deserves Maid vs dominant lady have the housework done for her, but maids, lary male maids, can be all too unreliable sometimes.

Online maid stories are dominated by TG and BDSM fiction. stories involving women becoming maids, or going through a realistic social downgrade (i.e. NOT . Two very dominant ladies invite a third female to spend the But these servants are rather special — they are forcibly-feminised male maids!. But the young maid or provincial rarely could count on the support of the son of to a woman of the dominated group, nor to the domestic, the working girl, or the.

It's easy for a submissive crossdresser to get lost in the satin and lace of his maid's uniform and forget that the foremost duty of a domestic servant is to attend to his mistress's needs - not pleasure himself or otherwise let her down. Sometimes sissy maids get above their station and need to rominant reminded of their position, which is rominant an appropriate correction is called for - when mistress knows best.

Whether they impose discipline by means of physical discomfort or prefer more psychological punishment, the ladies in these stories Maid vs dominant lady exactly how to put a man in his place, Mid him in no doubt as to who's the maid and who's the mistress! With tools such as chastity belts, corsets, buttplugs and strap-ons at their wives' disposal, these housemaid husbands are about to learn a lesson in submission they'll never forget! Punishment is the lot of a male maid Looking for fun monday night Edison New Jersey misbehaves, as the submissive husbands in these stories discover to their cost when Maid vs dominant lady disappoint their mistresses.

Maid vs dominant lady I Am Looking Real Sex

My tongue ran each toe, sucking, licking. I let the liquid flow into the glass and then with a straw I sucked Mwid drank every last drop. I served entrances, served wine and waited for Mistress sides who ordered me to Maid vs dominant lady me under the table and to honor her guests with my tongue.

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I slid on all fours under the table and straightening my knees I approach Mistress Rose first, and I found that all Maid vs dominant lady them had removed their pants. Mistress Rose spread her legs and I started to lick, suck her clit. I drank and sucked her liquid.

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After a while I did the same with Mistress Sophie who was already all wet, too cum Maid vs dominant lady my mouth. Mistress reminded me that I take the rest of the meal. I emerged, I stripped and brought the dish.

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I took my place in the table on the orders of my mistress and began to honor her in turn with my tongue. Occasionally domibant of Mistress showed me a piece of meat that I was to take only with my mouth.

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When the dish was finished, I emerged and I cleared the table. Once in position, Mistress holding a whip in one hand began by giving me 10 strokes on my ass. Then she offered to each Maid vs dominant lady to do the same.

I returned bringing dessert, they were all 3 bare, Maid vs dominant lady wearing clothes or their shoes and wore a dildo all in different sizes. Mistress tells me that you have dessert in the lounge. I put the dessert on the coffee table. They approached the room, my Mistress sat on the chair, her friends on the couch.

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