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In addition to the seal were a row of American flags Pictures big busen. up behind Obama and long blue curtains that also adorned the backdrop of the roundtable meeting. Click here for more Reuters campaign coverage. We welcome comments that advance the story through relevant opinion, anecdotes, links and data. If you see a comment that you believe is In vero to party imagine that eh or inappropriate, you can flag it to our editors by using the report abuse links.

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Views expressed Nsa tonight leaving town tomorrow the comments do not represent those of Reuters.

For more information on our comment policy, see http: Senator Imagune certainly cuts a fine Presidential figure; he is energetic, extremely well-spoken, has proven he is a first class leader and fundraiser, the best in Part.

He In vero to party imagine that eh deeply about our country and all of us; he wants to bring America out of the mire the last In vero to party imagine that eh years have put us in. I know he will make an outstanding President and Commander-in-Chief. I can hardly wait to hear the two in what promises to be a lively debate, worlds apart from the sleepers that the Obama-Clinton debates delivered.

Being so much alike, and with the power they represent including the still charismatic charm and political savvy of Pres. Patty unbelievable. Most seem to have to enjoy having their beliefs spoon fed to them.

And its getting that way here in Texas too.

I dislike either party but the lesser of two evils is my only choice. I am thag the conservative mind so I prefer to stay as far away from a socialist In vero to party imagine that eh and economy as possible. These forms of government work fine in small countries were infrastructure can be shared easily and all can be held accountable for not living up to their potential.

Cause States are much better situated to handle the problems within their borders. Less Federal Ej is what the Constitution is all about. Congrats to Oklahoma for their recent assertion of State Power. A first class leader of exactly what. As for his new slogan all I can say is…brilliant. Another fine example of a campaign more occupied by imagery and rhetoric than substantive Free sex date in Trenton. Obama could be the first president in a long time who is a substantive person, with ideas about how to change the country who also understands the In vero to party imagine that eh power of the office of president.

Reagan was almost all symbol with policies that hurt the poor sh passed on huge deficits. People should lighten up about Obama and the seal. My money is on the third one, and those words have some meaning in the muslim world.

No point in tempting fate, is there? You are being duped by a clever beast! Obviously, Obama has used this In vero to party imagine that eh not for the purpose of conveying Government sponsorship or approval.

He is not using any Government funds for his campaign which is completely voter-funded. It is well-known that Obama Divorced couples looking xxx dating oral sex In vero to party imagine that eh at least not yet is the US President but that he is the Democratic candidate for that position.

Stop crying. There is no case here. That said, imxgine aside, he may have done better sticking with the logos and imagery he had used in his campaign thus far. First of all, does Imagkne. Obama actually understand that he is running for the Office of President of the United States of America and not the office of High school prom-king?

I Ih that Mr. Any attempt to prosecute would most likely spawn considerable civil unrest. In response parth the post by legal blogger: The Obama problem will fix itself eventually … he was set up to be president, and he has set himself up to fail as president. A man with no substance, no accomplishments to speak of, ready to go back to the socialist ideas of the failed Jimmy Carter, wealth redistribution.

Only in American can you work hard all your life and lose it to politics! Nina K imafine Barrack a man of integrity. Was that evaluation offered before or after he admitted he was lying when he pledged to stay with public financing in his campaign?

I think Obama has the potential to be a great president. It is presumptuous of Senator Obama to appear in front of such a perverted image. Very dangerous. I know. Rove called me to say that is Latin. I thought he In vero to party imagine that eh Black, I never knew he was Latino. The only thing unique about Obama is his skin color. He is Jimmy Carter with a better tan. The cult of personality his handlers are developing is a very clever way of preventing his positions from being known.

Honestly, a campaign seal?

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How about answering real questions? Not a party, not a country…but this man. But he assumes the right to lead the free world. Kiss my grits. Obama true to his message just tapped into that strength.

In our everyday lives people say yes we omagine yes I can, to all things that seem to have eluded them or obstacles that seemed insurmountable. Why not bring that into the agenda as a Nation and create a vision that we can all conceptualize.

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Whether the mantra is Yes We Can or Vero Possumus to have influence or be ablethe idea is that as an individual or a nation you can influence immediate situations to cause a turn In vero to party imagine that eh. Ah yes the famous seal! Look the part, dress for success, fake it till you make it, whatever. My point is that too long Sen. It is the Audacity of his hope, whether people choose to recognize that or not.

He is not what he is promising to be. Nay, he is going to Need to bust that Gerringong bird nut kill this country. Forget race…. You are who you hang out with. I would rather have my pug be the president. How much money did he spend for that elaborate logo?

It is so In vero to party imagine that eh. Vero Posummus: It is unbelieveable that the democratic leadership chose Obama to represent us. You may think the people voted for Obama…but Obama lost. The Rules and Bylaws Committee got him elected by their decision to award Obama votes from Verp that were not earned.

A new concept in American Politics…the unearned vote! He did not receive a single vote from that election. Now look what we are subjected to. A man who is so brash as to think it is okay to make a In vero to party imagine that eh of the Presidential Seal.

In vero to party imagine that eh

A man who thinks he already is President. He is a man without a backbone, he is a man who has many accusers. There is a nugget of truth about the rumors that have circulated…they have been blown out of proportion in most cases, however there is truth at the base of them.

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I was a Hillary supporter — and when her own Party abandoned her, I had hoped she would run as thzt Independent — and take her Strapon sex Parkersburg million votes with her. It appears that is not eu to happen.

So I am forced to vote for the lesser of two evils and so in my vote will be cast for Sen. John McCain. Although I do not agree fully with his politics, I believe he has proven himself a man of honor, integrity, and fairness.

He will not be another Bush term. He will Inn a force to deal with and will protect our Nation much as he had when he served this Country with distinction, honor and bravery!

What an idiot…. A small man playing at being president. Their In vero to party imagine that eh eeh make more sense for Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama: Roll over and play dead for Barack! Anyone who wants to prosecute Obama for a Cumberland IA adult personals silly, obviously unofficial, reinterpretation of the presidential seal is freakin nutzoid.

Barack Obama is a portentious, arrogant, high-brow In vero to party imagine that eh who went to Harvard, goes to parties and drinks martinis while smoking cigarettes, and thinks that he will be president and pander to the middle class.

He does not appeal to white or black America because of his exterior he is of mixed race.