Our “Community Speaks” page is a space dedicated to sharing the diversity of thought found in our community members, both global and local. At this time, we are showcasing perspectives of our friends from around the world.


Global Citizens’ Thoughts:

“What does a civil society look like to you?”

“A civil society is a society where citizens are treated fairly and allowed to voice opinions freely, without being discriminated against. Likewise, a civil society is also one in which people respect the rule of law to ensure peace and stability.”

-Anamaria D’Amore, Romania

“To me, a civil society is born when a society comes together to build a better community, whether that be by helping refugees, helping immigrants, fighting for equal rights, or even just picking up trash together. It’s the quality of out collective actions that creates the character of a society.”

-Aparna Joshi, India

“A civil society is a community of people who come from diverse backgrounds, but still portray inclusivity and support each others’ rights to express individual thought and opinion. It should be part of the foundation for any healthy nation.”

-Janice Ng, Singapore

“A civil society is one that appreciates and respects every single member. A civil society also acknowledges differences in a way that raises intrigue and interest instead of suspicion and hate.”

-Marland Thomas, Jamaica