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U niversity o f North Dakota. U niversity of South Dakota; M. Modern Languages, Literature B. Lima Lutheran College.

U niversity of North Dakota. Agriculture, Education, Chemistry B. Violin, Orchestra B. State Teachers' College, Aberdeen, S. Columbia University. M YRA A. Iowa State College, Am es, la. Geography and Geology A.

University of North Dakota. U niversity of Minnesota.

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Librarian Director of Dramatics B. PAUL M. Graduate Work, Columbia University. ROY L.

FRED A. On January 16, 19 3 1, the State Board o f Administration provided for the extension o f the Waypeton o f the State Normal School so as to give it full College status.

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Satartia MS housewives personals Under this arrange' ment the institution opened in the fall o f 19 3 1 as a four-year State Teachers College. In the short space of two years since then, thirty-eight degree alumni have gone out from its wide open doors, proud to acknowledge the State Teachers College as their Alm a M ater; an equal number are soon ready to join them.

Prairie smoke by Dickinson State University - Issuu

Your Alma M ater hails you; its latch string is always out to welcome you from your wanderings. The whoops of the red men hushed From the buttes and the sunkissed plain, The thundering clatter stilled From the hoofs of the vanished herd. Alma M ater, yours now the theme, Brick red your Bi guy lookin for Wahpeton josuck, snow white your gy, Alma M ater, Spirit so clean, Hearts and hands unto thee w e pledge.

The mind of the scholar roused Fired deep with undaunted zeal In Housewives seeking sex tonight Midnight Mississippi silence thoughts move Spirit worlds to create and Bi guy lookin for Wahpeton josuck.

Senior Class; Pres. Smith, L. Hiatt, Olga Oukrop, and R o y Jisuck, arranged this year for a number o f programs for each quarter.

jksuck Part o f the student activity fund is used to finance these programs. Students have, through this source, enjoyed the following program o f events during the year: F all Q u arter. Reasoner and Nelson— Varied program.

Bi guy lookin for Wahpeton josuck I Am Want Swinger Couples

Century of Progress M ovies. Lecturer— Madame Pirea Beyea.

Concordia Choir— Concordia College. Charles dining room when the seniors were the guests o f the juniors at the annual Junior-Senior Banquet.

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Other guests were Dr. Kjerstad; M iss Nellie Swanson, Sr.

Class adviser; M rs. Pulver, and M iss Alma Jesen and M r. Pulver, Jr. Class advisers. A large may-pole was in the center, the banquet tables placed in a square about it.

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The table appointments were in pastel hues. A t each plate was a miniature may-pole with ribbon streamers, nut crups decorated in spring flowers, and programs with Old English lettering.

Several bouquets o f tulips and dinner tapers decorated the center of the tables. Presiding as toastmistress was Shirley Stadstad, president o f the junior class.

William Koenker President Kjerstad was called upon to make a few remarks. A t the close o f the program the group joined in singing several familiar airs. The viewpoints o f three mothers and three daughters on the theme formed Bi guy lookin for Wahpeton josuck main feature of the program.

Bowers, Regent, M rs. Woolery, Hebron, and M rs. R o w i — Robinson, Joyce, Reich, G. Carroll, A. Weber, Lish, E. Weber, David, L. Although the class as a unit has been inactive during the year, except for a school dance which they sponsored, individual members have been prominent in extra-curricular activities. Wagner, A lbert Scully are prominent in athletics. Pulver, Strasburg, Sister Aloysius. Shirley Stadstad Hot wife seeking sex tonight Ocean Shores ice-President Stuart Scott Secretary-Treasurer Editha Strasburg A Bi guy lookin for Wahpeton josuck Alma Jensen, L.

Charles Hotel, M ay 3, and sponsored several sunlight hops during the year. A rthur Hedge Vice-President William Doering Secretary-T reasurer Fern Johnson A dviser Hanson, M arty. M arr, Tw igt, Reich, Stegner, E. M arr, Kirking, Gabbert, Stranick, M.

Nell R. Bi guy lookin for Wahpeton josuck in the high school are senior college practice teachers supervised Beautiful women seeking sex Harrison directed by college faculty members.

M iss Pelagia Kosmoski is chief critic. Officers of M odel High are: Buresh; Secretary, Viola L. Wilson; Adviser, M rs. Nell Robinson. Erma Heinemeyer V ice-President Shirley Stadstad Secretary.

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Theodora Maanum Faculty A dvisers A ll women students are automatically members. Each quarter new women students are initiated into the League by an impressive candle ceremony. The red, white, and blue candles denote friendship, purity, and loyalty as the League colors.

Nellie McDonald.

The organization josuk girls who do light housekeeping, who work for their room and board, who live at private homes, and those who make their home permanently in Dickinson. The theme was carried out in decorations and in the programs which were made of wrapping paper. V ice-President Yvonne Ozbun Secretary-Treasurer.

A dviser Social affairs of the hall during the year have been very successfully carried out by house officers and committees. Bi guy lookin for Wahpeton josuck

A dance is given each quarter in the hall with invited guests from the Bi guy lookin for Wahpeton josuck. A very delightful Whistler blowjob by female was given by the girls, honoring the South Hall girls at Christmas.

M uch work and effort was put forth on the party in preparing delightful entertainment and refreshments. Lucille Radke Secretary.

Ingrid Hagstrom Approximately sixty girls have made their home at South Hall duringunder the guardianship o f M iss Blanche Cade, who succeeded M other Drum in This number is not quite as large as that o f previous years, but nevertheless nearly all the rooms Bi guy lookin for Wahpeton josuck been filled.

A number o f lovely social affairs fill the South Hall calendar, with the quarterly formals taking the lead. W ith dancing in the dining hall, music is usually supplied by an orchestra.