On July 15 – 16, the downtown branch of the Nashville Public Library and the Special Collections Center brought a uniquely interactive art exhibit into the main lobby. This huge piece is called the Truth Booth and has been traveling around the world for five years now.

The Truth Booth


The life-sized, inflatable air-bubble provided a fun, safe environment for the people of Nashville to step inside and tell their truths. Once inside the Truth Booth, visitors were given two minutes of video time to give a personal testimony, ending with “the truth is…”

As Nashville becomes more diversely populated, creative outlets like the Truth Booth are becoming key ways for this community to wrestle with the concept of truth. The Nashville Public Library and the Special Collections Center strive to keep the story of Nashville going through the archiving of specific and individual testimonies, just like the ones recorded this summer in the Truth Booth.

The Nashville Public Library was not only the first public library to have hosted the booth, but also the first location in the South to have had such a privilege.